ARC A10-25 Car kit 2024/3/20
When the A10-23 was launched in 2023, detailed changes were made to boost its performance over the A10. Striving to further improve the A10 platform, ARC has been busy testing and developing new parts over the past 18 months to further increase performance. We have incorporated all these learning to deliver the new A10-25..........
ARC R8.4LCG Car kit 2023/01/31
The ARC R8.4LCG 1/8th On-Road Racing Car Kit is based on the R8.4 but with a low center gravity chassis design. The front and rear upper arm bases are all new parts, with the lower arms and steering blocks molded in hard composites to increase overall traction and corner speed...........
ARC R8.4E Car kit 2023/08/31
ARC is proud to announce the latest 1/8th Electric On-Road Racing Car, the R8.4E. The R8.4E will be available in 2 different configurations- the R8.4EL and R8.4ES................
ARC A10MF-24 Car kit 2023/07/6
The A10MF-24 is the latest ARC front wheel drive competition car featuring a revolutionary design with fine-tuned weight distribution that delivers better handling, improved acceleration and lower lap times...............
Haifeng Wang Join ARC 1/8th On-Road racing team 2023/06/19
王海峰加入ARC 1/8 平跑車團隊.
I am pleased to join the ARC 1/8th On-Road racing team, I raced with ARC R8.2E few years ago with very well race experience and decent results, I will join more 1/8th on-road races in the future.
我非常高興能夠加入ARC的1/8團隊。 在幾年前我已經有過駕駛ARC R8.2E的經驗......
ARC A10-23 Car kit 2023/04/25
The A10-23 is ARC’s latest generation 1/10 electric touring car and it’s ready to hit the track! Built on a completely new platform. The A10-23 was developed with some key goals in mind – a lower center of gravity, increased mechanical grip, easy maintainance & setup and full adjustability...............
David Ronnefalk Joins ARC 2023/04/21
The World top ranking Off-Road driver David Ronnefalk joins ARC for 1/8th On-Road racing team.........
ARC R8.4 Car kit 2023/03/03
ARC’s latest 1/8th nitro on-road racing car, the R8.4,has been released for the 2023 racing season. Based on the R8.3, the R8.4 features numerous improvements to deliver a massive step in overall performance..............
Malaysia Distributor 2023/02/03
ARC A10MF Car kit 2022/11/25
The latest release from ARC is a front wheel drive chassis based on the new A10 platform. Known as the A10MF, ARC’s latest FWD chassis is a mid-motor design thatkeeps all transmission parts as low as possible.............
Hong Kong Distributor 2022/08/23
R8.3 and R8.3E Setup Sheet V2022.07 2022/07/25
The updated version of the R8.3 and R8.3E setup sheet with the R839008 and R839009 is uploaded on the website, please download the latest version The link to downlod
R8.3    Setup Sheet V2022.07............
R8.3E Setup Sheet V2022.07............
ARC A10 Car kit 2022/07/15
The A10 is ARC’s latest generation 1/10 electric touring car and it’s ready to hit the track! Built on a completely new platform, the A10 was developed was some keys goals in mind – a lower center of gravity, increased mechanical grip, easy maintainance & setup and full adjustability............
Finland Distributor
Welcome our new Finland distributor
Alumiinitie 5, Tila 21 15880 HOLLOLA, FINLAND
Tel: +358-500-252600 VAT: FI28357001
Korea distributor KARS
1F, 35, Samjeon-ro 13-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tax Code:756-38-00125
Phone Number: +82 10-7194-8784
Michèle Ferrauto Joins ARC 2022/01/03
We are happy to announce that Michele Ferrauto is joining ARC for the 2022 season. Michele is 21 years old and a very talented driver. He will participate in the Swiss Championship in the 1/10 FWD category in collaboration with TOF'Racing and will work closely with his........
Kevin Zaugg Joins ARC 2022/01/03
We are happy to announce that Kevin Zaugg from Switzerland is joining ARC for the 2022 season. Kevin is 21 years old and a very talented driver. He will participate in the Swiss Championship in the FWD 1/10 category in collaboration with TOF'Racing and local dealer .......
Fabio Marzini Joins ARC 2022/01/03
We are happy that Fabio Marzini will join ARC in 2022 with the support of TOF’Racing. He will take part at the Swiss Championship 1/8........
ARC R12.1 Car kit 2021/10/12
Building on the already rapid R12 platform ARC is proud to announce the R12.1, incorporating many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain...........
ARC R8S-21 Car kit 2021/08/05
ARC R8S-21 1/8 Electric On-road Pan Car
Based on the successful R8S On-Road Pan Car platform, The R8S-21 incorporates a number of refinements and option parts for even greater performance out of the box. ..........
ARC R8.3E Car kit 2021/06/04
•Power source: 2S standard Lipo battery x 2pcs (Not included)
•Recommend motor: 2800kV 1/8th brushless motor (Not Included)
•All suspension and transmission parts shared with ARC R8.3 (Nitro).
•5mm carbon fiber main chassis...........
ARC R8.3 Car kit 2021/03/09
Following an extensive design, development and testing program, ARC is proud to bring you the new R8.3 1/8th competition on-road nitro chassis kit.
The ARC R8.3 features: 
All-new internal gear ratio and 2-Speed Shoes..........
ARC R12FF Car kit 2021/01/28
Introducing the R12FF, ARC’s next generation 1/10th scale FWD touring car kit. Based on the 2020 ETS FWD winning R11F, the R12FF retains its front-motor, front-wheel drive layout for maximum traction under all track conditions. The R12FF features all-new long suspension arms to further improve traction and deliver more corner speed..........
Kylian Mooser Joins ARC 2021/01/07
We are happy to inform that Kylian Mooser from Switzerland joins ARC for the season 2021. Kylian is a 15 years old and very talented driver. He will take part at Swiss Championship in the 1/10 Touring Stock category with the support of TOF’Racing ARC distributor for Switzerland and local dealer
Olav Dahle Joins ARC 2020/06/23
We are happy to inform that Olav Dahle from Norway joins ARC for the season 2020/2021. Olav is a very talented driver where he at the age of 14 became Norwegian Champion 2019 - Touring Modified 1:10. He will be race the new ARC R12 with support from ARC and the local Norwegian store,
ARC distributor for Spain
We are pleased to announce the XTR RACING S.L will become ARC distributor for Spain and Portugal market, the XTR racing will carry all latest ARC car kits and spare parts to service all serious racer who need high-quality R/C racing kits.
Urb. Los pinares C/ Requena 2
46117 Bétera (Valencia, Spain)
Tlf: 96 169 02 89 / 662 929 952
ARC R12 Car kit 2020/05/14
We started the R12 1/10th scale competition TC project with 3 main objectives - maximize mechanical traction, increase transmission efficiency and lower the overall center of gravity. After long term research, development and testing, the R12 is now finally ready for the market. Here, we introduce the R12’s main features.........
ARC R8.2 LCG Car kit 2019/12/04
The latest ARC 1/8th On-Road racing kit R8.2LCG is ready for coming 2020 season, R8.2LCG is base on the R8.2 kit with 2mm lower upper-deck and engine height as well, the lower center gravity makes handling much easy and precise also less traction roll when traction become super high, the original LCG design sample kit was designed by Stefano Gandin who give........
ARC R11f Car kit 2019/09/30
Introducing the new ARC front wheel drive (FWD) touring car, the R11F. The R11F FWD touring car is based on the successful R11 2019 platform and features front motor position for optimal FWD handling characteristics. Sharing 95% of the spare and option parts from R11 2019, the R11F is perfect for both new and existing ARC owners........
ARC R11 MID Conversion kit 2019/07/18
The NEW R11 MID conversion is designed for both R11 2018 and 2019 chassis to transform into middle transmission layout. This new layout moves motor 25mm forward to a perfect position. This change will help the car to have more middle corner steering. The new middle motor bulkhead also makes the chassis flex be more even in between front and rear end.......
ARC R8.2 1/8th On-Road Racing Car kit 2019/02/01
It is great pleasure to announce the ARC R11 2019 edition is ready now,Many complete new parts designed for the R11 2019 to improve the quality and performance.......
Lars Hoppe back to ARC 1/8th Class 2019/01/30
After two years with Team Shepherd in 1/8th On-Road Racing Class, The German frontrunner Lars Hoppe return back to ARC.
The current German National cCampion, Worlds Championship A main driver and multiple ENS race podium finisher will use the latest ARC R8.2 as well the electric R11 in his 2019.......
New Australia Distributor-1/10 Electric Touring Car
We are extremely excited to annouce, that effective immediately, Smokem Racing will be Australia's sole importer and distributor of ARC's range of electric touring cars and parts.
Furthermore the brand new ARC R11 2019 chassis are now in stock at Smokem. You can contact Smokem via the following:
ARC R11 2019 2018/10/18
It is great pleasure to announce the ARC R11 2019 edition is ready now,Many complete new parts designed for the R11 2019 to improve the quality and performance.......
ARC R8S 2018/8/16
The ARC R8S 1/8th scale electric power pan car is the latest category in the 1/8th On-Road Class. The R8S uses current 1/8th scale foam tires and body shell with 2 packs of 2S Li-Po battery with the top speed to be over 120km/h.......
Jonathan Gandin Joins ARC 2018/06/26
ARC is pleased to announce 15-year old Italian Jonathan Gandin to join our factory team.
Gandin says, "After a few years driving the ARC R8.0 and R8.1, I have decided to join the ARC factory team and very happy to sign a 2 years contract. ARC represents one of the top brands in R/C and I will do my best to perform and make maximum race result as good as I can.......
ARC R8S 1/8th Electric Power Stock Class Pan Car 2018/6/19
The new ARC 1/8th electric power pan car is the latest category in the 1/8 On-Road class. It uses the same body shell and tires like the existing 1/8th On-Road chassis platform. This new and innovate design makes R8S to be able to use different Li-Po batteries on the market. Drivers can chose 2S stick style packs, or 2S shorty style packs.......
ARC R8.1 2018 2018/01/15
New R8.1 2018 front bulkhead features adjustable belt tension. Fine tuning of the belt tension between the front bulkhead and middle shaft base allows maximum transmission smoothness.......
ARC R8.1E 2017/12/29
New ARC R8.1E electric on-road racing car were based on the successful R8.0E platform with some new features......